day 57 - on a sugar high

Ava's social calendar has become much busier since starting school. Today she was invited to a birthday party for a little boy in her class who lives down the street. Upon her return she devoured the entire contents of her loot bag.

Another thing that has increased since she started school? Her vocabulary.

Tonight we were talking about that thing that hangs down at the back of your throat near your tonsils. I had no idea what it was called so I had to google it (it's called the uvula). I show her the picture. She looks in my mouth, I look in hers. Anyway, we're chatting away about how it's a funny word.

Ava turns to me and says: Wanna know what's another hard word to say? Vagina.

Me, as I almost spit my tea all over my laptop: WHAT?!

Ava: Vagina. Is that Spanish?

Oh dear god I am so not ready to have these discussions.


tea on your lap top and coffee on mine!

Anonymous said…
I almost spit out my cereal I was laughing so hard!
Jennifer said…
Thanks, ladies! Still not sure who has been teaching her Spanish. ;)
Hasson said…
reminds me of my hero Ron Burgundy...

San Diego, nobody really knows where the name come from, scholars maintain it means a whale's vagina!