the joy of love - bromance

My boys are inseparable. When they were in the hospital we wrapped them like little burritos and tucked them in side by side in their basinette. When we brought them home they slept in the same basinette during the day and they slept in the same crib at night.

Then, once they started rolling around, things became a bit more challenging. One would kick the other in their sleep and wake them up and there would be hell to pay. At that point they were moved into cribs across the room from each other. They seemed okay with the move and didn't seem to mind not being in the same bed as long as you put them to bed at the same time. You can't put them to bed separately because they are lost without each other.

Once they were able to get out of their cribs, a big boy bed entered the picture and they were back to sleeping together. They now sleep at opposite ends of a twin bed.

Not sure what was up with them tonight, but they insisted on sleeping on the floor. Not sure who's decision it was, but the other was apparently on board because they are both fast asleep on the floor in this picture (Owen's closest to the camera and you can see part of Ethan's head just below the electrical plug in the background).


snapshots2011 said…
So precious!
It brings back memories of when my sister and I would take turns sleeping in each others room when we were younger.
Jennifer said…
Thanks! It brings back memories for me too. My sister and I used to love to take big blankets from our room and all over the house and make forts. :)