the joy of love - dreams

Friday, 11 February 2011

One week ago you ripped Ava's closet door off its hinges.

Today you stole the mints out of my purse and what you didn't eat you fed to the dog.

You look so angelic while you are sleeping. If there wasn't a drop of non-washable green paint beside your head I might even think that little event never even took place.

I often wonder what the boys think about when they sleep. Are they hatching diabolical little plots in their dreams?

No idea. All I know is if they aren't, they sure are little masterminds if they manage to come up with all of this crap on the fly.

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One Response to “the joy of love - dreams”

snapshots2011 said...

Green paint? Must have been left by a Leprechaun---not one of those angelic sleeping boys!