the joy of love - face (a portrait)

The boys love horses. When they see them as we are driving down the road they freak out. And when I say horses, I mean cows and horses. They are all horses and trying to disagree with them will get you nowhere.

Today we didn't spot many horses on the way to the movies so in between sightings we had a little quiz.

Me: What lives in a barn, boys?
Owen: Horsies!
Ethan: Pigs!


Me: What animal does milk come from?


Me: Cows. Milk comes from cows.
Owen & Ethan in unison: Ohhhhhhh.
Me: Where do eggs come from?
Owen: The dollar store!

(This is Owen.)


Scrappy Grams said…
I think I love your kids, and you! I remember those days when I had 3 dumplings aged 3 and under. That was a long time ago; the time flew by!
Anonymous said…
Its so great that you are documenting this awesome stage- the last answer had me cracking up!
Trish ~ ♥ ~ said…
the boy knows where to shop!