the joy of love - facebook

I don't change my Facebook profile all that often compared to some people. In fact checking it now, I have changed it 12 times in the past year and a half. Number of them that I am actually in? Two. I usually use recent favourites that I have taken of the kids and don't change to a new one until I take a shot of them that really speaks to me.

My current Facebook profile picture:

(Which oddly enough was taken on day 23 of my project 365.)

The profile picture that shows me in peak physical condition? Me at my fittest?

This week I learned something really useful about Facebook. The new picture viewer that Facebook has implemented drives me crazy. It's slow and it just bothers me. Did you know that if you press F5 it will close the viewer window and let you view the photo album the old way?


Jessica B said…
I didn't know that about the photo viewer! It's been driving me crazy, too!! Thanks for sharing! :)
Jessica B said…
Great photos, by the way! =)