the joy of love - gift from the heart

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I am fascinated at watching the kids grow in their artistic abilities. In the past year Ava has drawn a lot and has come a really long way. About a year ago her pictures started to take shape in things that were recognizable. Everything suddenly had a belly button. Hands had fingers and feet had toes. Since starting school, her pictures have gained a lot more detail. Expressions are now in the mix as well as accessories like hair, glasses and earrings.

Here is Ava (pardon the terrible photo - it was a work day so I took this just before we all ran out the door) holding a beautiful portrait she drew of me a week ago.

I never realized how much I looked like the old lady from the Hallmark cards, but the drawing never lies.

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One Response to “the joy of love - gift from the heart”

Sarah Halstead said...

That was so sweet of her. I actually really like this.