the joy of love - hands

When I was born, one of the first things everyone noticed was my hands. I had long, bony little fingers. Twenty-nine years later I noticed the same thing when Ava was born.

She has the same hands as me. I have the same hands as my mom and my mom has the same hands as my grandmother. What I wouldn't give to still have my grandmother here to be a part of this picture. She had beautiful hands and she started it all.

It's one of those traits where I can look at Ava and specifically say that she got that from me and it makes me smile.

As much as I love discovering genes my kids inherited from me, I hope Ava doesn't get the chest. Where was the Rawlins gene there, Dad?!


Scrappy Grams said…
Hands, such beauty they hold, no matter the age. I shot one of my granddaughter and her tiny baby soon after she was born. Both yours and mine bring a lasting joy to the beholder.
thatgirlblogs said…
Love this. Hope to recreate it one day!
Jack and Karen said…
Jen, I can "feel" your Nana's hands in the picture. She was a beautiful person. I am fortunate to have known her for a wee while. She lives on in her family.