the joy of love - staying in

Both times I was pregnant, everybody excitedly told me that the late winter/early spring was the best time to have a baby.


As nice as it was to not be as big as a house during the hottest months of the year and that I was ready to hit the pavement and walk those pounds off as soon as the snow melted, I have to disagree.

The late spring/early summer's where it's at baby.

Case in point:

You can't very well give two boys shiny new bicycles for their birthday and not let them ride them for a month and a half, now can you?

If this house is still standing by the time these kids move out, I'll be amazed.


Actuary Mom said…
Great photos! And great perspective on when to have kids.
snapshots2011 said…
You can almost feel the excitement in that first shot- love the action!
Cathy said…
So True. My son is a December, right before Christmas, and we've given him little car things and trikes, and he ends up riding them in the garage until he can get Outside. But then it's like Christmas and Birthday all over again, when he discovers a new joy of riding outdoors!
Veronica said…
Hi I am awarding you with "Stylish Blogger Award"! Enjoy!
Trish ~ ♥ ~ said…
Let them have at it!! What a blast!!
bekkah said…
lol, you probably earned the 'mom of the year' title that day!!
Amanda Pfeifer said…
love it!
Just don't give them dirt bikes until they move out!