the joy of love - where they are comfortable

Eight years ago, Scarlett came home from the breeder and there was no way in hell she was sleeping on our bed.

That lasted about five minutes and in fact as I type this she is fast asleep on the bed beside me.

She's like a person around here. She sits on the couch just like everybody else. She doesn't dig at the furniture or chew anything. She just hangs out and sleeps.

When the kids are sick, she sleeps in the hall outside of their room. When I go up to bed, she follows me. When I stay up too late, she stands at the bottom of the stairs and looks at me impatiently.

When it's hot outside, she sleeps on the main floor where it's cooler and lies against the front door. I'd like to think she's guarding it, but if anybody ever broke in she'd sooner lick them to death than attack them.


Becky Sue said…
Aw, I heart Scarlett.
Tracy said…
Oh my! What a sweet dog!! Just beautiful!