project 64 - apricot

Monday, 14 February 2011

Playing with Ava today. I love how you can see the purple of the previous candy stuck to her teeth.

She came up with this shot on her own. She slid my camera across the table to take a portrait of herself with the candy in her mouth and I took it instead.

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8 Responses to “project 64 - apricot”

Brooke said...

Love! A great apricot find! Thanks for sharing and playing alog with Project64

Cat said...

love this! creative idea of putting it in her mouth!

Amanda Pfeifer said...

I love that it is in the void of the missing tooth as well!!!
great shot..
I think you have a very creative little girl on your hands, I wonder if phtoography will be her creative outlet as well?!

Dorian Susan said...

What a fun catch....your kid knows!

Kendall said...

So great! I love this.

Rebecca said...

That is a terrific idea.

Carletta said...

I love it!
Aspiring photographer with a sense of whimsy!

Thanks for visiting! :)

Scrappy Grams said...

Clever idea!