project 64 - robin's egg blue

So...robin's egg blue.

Not a fan.

This week was really hard. Robin's egg blue proved hard to find. First off, it's an odd shade of blue - if you can even call it blue. It's turquoise if you ask me. And finding it in the dead of winter? Not so easy.

Trust me - I tried hard to find it. I took it with us on our trip to the covered bridge (oh my god - I need to get a life). It kind of looked like the sky. Big deal. Boring.

I thought I saw it in a fish at the Goofy Newfie but it turned out to be too blue.

I even made cupcakes (from scratch I might add) and topped them with a turquoise looking candy heart. Getting a little warmer I guess.

Then today while I was sitting at my desk, I set this up. It's my turquoise mug sitting on top of my Kate Spade calendar. Still not great, but it's something.

I'm looking forward to next week's colour: gray. That ought to be easy enough. It couldn't be any harder, that's for sure.


Mari said…
I think that top crayon picture is great!
Brooke said…
Well for not liking robin's egg blue I think you did a great job! I especially love seeing and reading your journey while hunting the color and your top photo amazing! My favorite is the cupcake, I think it's pretty darn close to the color!

Thanks for linking up with project64!
Anonymous said…
That cupcake looks great. Yummy!
What a great effort in your search for this special blue! Amazing! And your little cupcake is adorable!
Sharon said…
Beautiful color. Loving the first shot of the crayon.
Kristin said…
Oh, I love all of these and your dedication to finding the right color! My favorite is the cupcake shot.
Kara said…
This is cool! Where are you doing the color themes?
Anonymous said…
I couldn't find Robins Egg Blue either! But I love your "story" of how you tried to find it! Grey should be much easier--all I have to do is look at the sky around here every day!
the meaklims said…
This post made me laugh! Especially the part about bringing the crayon to the covered bridge, but it is the most wonderful shot EVER! Brilliant!