day 62 - tea time

I was definitely not inspired today but I managed to capture a part of our daily routine that I have never captured before.

All three of the kids love the dog, but Ethan is particularly close to her. His favourite thing to do is lie with her while he drinks from his sippy cup. He holds the cup with one hand and plays with her ears with the other.

Not the greatest picture, but one of the few quiet times during the day that I want to remember years from now.


Mari said…
Those kinds of moments are the ones that will make you smile to remember when the kids are grown! Glad you captured it.
Scrappy Grams said…
I think it looks like a soothing activity. I would feel soothed by the silkiness of my kitty Bella's ears, and she seemed okay with it too.
Anonymous said…
I think its an excellent picture- you can clearly see the love they have for each other :)