day 69 - happy birthday to me

Did you see the glow in the sky tonight? Those were my birthday candles.

Hello 34. I've been waiting for you.

And what do you know? Tim Hortons even threw me a bone.

(For those who have never heard of it, Tim Hortons is a coffee and donut chain that is huge in Ontario and other parts of Canada. Their coffee is addicting (I am a steeped tea girl myself). Once a year they run the "Roll Up the Rim to Win" contest where you can win various prizes. There are some stores in the US but I don't think there are many of them. They are probably in the northeastern US and close to the borders I suspect.)


Andrea said…
LOVE that first shot Jen! The line of the kids and your dad in a row makes it very interesting. Hope your Birthday was great! And hopefully I will see you sometime soon :)
Sarah P. said…
Happy birthday! A little late, sorry, hope it was awesome! And way to get some free coffee...that's a good day.
Jen said…
:Happy Belated Birthday!:
We have Timmy's here in the Metro Detroit area. My favorite is Cafe Mocha. Although its more sweet and less coffee. And summer wouldn't be the same without an Ice Capp. :)
bekkah said…
Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope you had a great one :)
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday! That first shot is beautiful!