day 71 - flyer day

Thursday is flyer day and a highlight of the week for everyone in the house. Scarlett gets to bark at the poor paper girl, I get to scour the Walmart flyer, Jason goes for the Canadian Tire flyer and the kids go for everything else and dictate what we "need".

Ava got to the Walmart flyer before me this week. By the time I got it she had already flagged the necessities.

First order of business, "Floops". A staple in our house (although I buy the No Name brand as it tastes the same for half the price).

Pop for Daddy. Also very important.

Last but not least, food for Scarlett. Not the brand she eats, but the list was still pretty good and she covered the bases.

Yep. Today was just that exciting.


Anonymous said…
What more do you need? Soda, cereal and dog food seem to cover the!
SKC said…
That is one thing I miss is the flyers. They don't do them in the UK. You have to go to the store to find them and that kind of defeats the purpose.
Thats great. I remember doing that as a kid with a toy catalog. I would strategically leave it where my folks would see it, opened to a page where I had marked things I wanted. It never really worked though.
Jane said…
What did you get off the flyer list? Anything tasty...