day 72 - five going on twenty

I took this picture of Ava this morning and I can't stop looking at it. Who is this kid?! She looks like she's ten here in her princess earrings (clip ons). She definitely doesn't look almost five. She's outgrown all of her jeans we bought her for back to school. Other pants are long enough but won't stay up because she's so skinny and the arms on many of her shirts are too short.

Apparently she didn't inherit the short gene that her parents (and I fear her brothers will) suffer from. Score one for a tall Grandpa and great uncles.

This weekend she was bitten by the fashion bug. She insisted on dressing herself and doing her own hair. At one point she couldn't find a pair of tights so she improvised.

Legwarmers - no longer just an accessory. They work great as pants too.

She also very thoughtfully designed garbage bag dresses for my sister and I to wear at my birthday dinner. That's mine on the left.

Nothing says love like zebra jubblies.

And thus marks the end of my birthday week. My grandmother would be proud - she's been gone for four years but we still follow her lead and celebrate birthdays like rock stars. Seven solid days of birthday greetings, birthday lunches and special desserts. Unfortunately I've put on seven pounds in the process. Must. Stop. Eating.


Anonymous said…
She is beautiful! And those garbage bag dresses are awesome- future fashion designer perhaps?
SKC said…
She is beautiful and very creative.
Carlynn said…
Love the garbage bag dresses. Actually sounds like a fun activity for my daughter and her friends when they are over here.
Trish ~ ♥ ~ said…
she has become a fashionista!
Rhonda said…
I love that first photo of her....stunning!