day 84 - please step away from the fish eye

Yesterday I said goodbye to my two old cameras and traded them in on my new camera - the Canon 7D. Instead of a kit lens, I actually bought a fish eye lens. I have always wanted a fish eye but they aren't cheap and usually around $1,000. I'm not paying that.

Then I found this photostream on Flickr. This photographer takes a lot of pictures with his fish eye lens so I decided to google it. It turns out there is a fish eye on the market for $350 Canadian. There are three or four brands that market the exact same fish eye and Henrys carries it. Pinch me because I'm dreaming.

Here are a couple of shots I took today:

I've gotta say it's pretty strange to be able to capture as far as the eye can see AND your shoes.


Great photos. I love the feeling when I get a new camera and a new lens. I love your fish eye, congrats on the find!

I buy all of my lenses either on eBay or - for some reason, there are loads of stores on the east coast that have fab deals on cameras and equip - so I get everything on line.

Right now I have my eye on a 50mm f/1.4 - I have a f/2.8 and an f/1.8, so do I NEED another one. YES!

Have fun with your camera this weekend.
Andrea said…
Awesome! I have always wanted to try a fisheye :)
SKC said…
Dorian Susan said…
SMART shopper. Have fun with your new lens. I haven't seen that many photos that I KNOW (probably me that's oblivious) are fish eye, so don't know if I'm drawn to that, but you make it look like fun.
Those look great Jen. Glad you having fun with the new camera and lens!
Becky Sue said…
I have a 7D that I love and didn't know until just now that I need a fish eye too. Great shots. The sky is amazing.