day 85 - earth hour

I give up on nap time. I am tired of fighting with the boys so I give up. Bedtimes will just have to get earlier.

Today rather than nap, we went to the curling club to see Daddy curl. We promptly left because the boys kept pummeling each other, Owen kept demanding to know where the nets were and Ethan kept dropping an eight letter swear word (or is it two four letter swear words) that he picked up from his mother. While watching the game, Ethan blurted out "That's ---- ----!" in disgust. Right around the time people started asking "Did he just say what I thought he said?" we were out of there.

Crap. But in my defense I did just lose my job.

So we left the curling club with the promise that they could each pick one item from the dollar store if they were good. They could have whatever they wanted and we could pick up some supplies for earth hour.

By the time we got there, the boys were asleep so we sat around in the van for a bit and waited for them to wake up.

XL steeped tea + sleeping twin boys + an 80s classic + stolen wifi = HEAVEN

I immediately regretted the whole "you can get any item you want" discussion when they each picked out a 15" water gun.

In the evening we marked earth hour with Nana & Grandad. Last year we went with flashlights. This year we went with glow sticks and laser beams that attach to your fingers with elastics. The glow sticks were a BIG disappointment. The lights weren't bright enough and they didn't work well at all. The finger laser beams were perfect. The candle in the background worked out well too. It's the little star burst you can see in the pictures.

Shortly before the one hour mark the troops started to tire a bit (this is Owen).

What a nice way to spend a Saturday night. We tripped over each other in the dark, the dog crept away and got into the garbage and at one point Ava kneed me in the eye but it was worth it. In fact I don't know why we don't do this more often.

(For those of you following my Project 365, I have a couple of days from last week I haven't posted. I didn't miss those days, I just haven't gotten around to posting them. They'll be up tomorrow.)


Christina said…
Those photos are great! Love the colors. Thanks to your tuturial, I gave it a try too! I havent done a post about it yet, soon hopefully. Thanks for that!
Mari said…
I love the colors this year - they turned out great!
I love these shots! Wish it wasn't so cold out - I would try it!
- Jessi - said…
Whoa! Those are awesome shots! I'm gonna have to try that.
That came out really cool!
Mikayla said…
Wow can I just say I am blown away by your photos, the clarity and lighting are beautiful! I'm sorry you just lost your job that's no fun.
But, I don't know if you're interested but I am hosting a photo challenge on my blog and I would love it if you checked it out:
You have beautiful photos!
Marla said…
Great shots.

My baby sister said the d- word today while playing Wii. Don't be too worried about what other people thought. Lol.

Marla @
Faith said…
WOW - what an amazing day!! Love your glow in the dark shots.
Buckeroomama said…
These are so cool! We did this last September with glow sticks... but I have to say that your laser lights work so much better!