day 87 - tickle me pink

Did you know there's a crayon colour called "macaroni and cheese"? I discovered that the other day while colouring with Ava.

Apparently there's another one called "tickle me pink". Didn't know about that one either. It's the week twelve colour for Project 64 (which I have become horribly behind on, unfortunately).


Very pretty! I love these flowers - Gerbera right?
Jessica said…
I'd heard of those crayon colours before. Pretty creative, if you ask me! :)
pink is my favorite color - I think I need to buy a pack of crayons. I'm intrigued by the names.

Gorgeous photos, by the way :)
Tracy said…
Beautiful photo!!
Kendall said…
Love love love this! Thanks for sharing! Kendall @ P64
Dorian Susan said…
What a pretty pink shot. Great entry.
Brooke said…
Great take on TMP and I am looking forward to marcaroni and cheese! Thanks for sharing with p64!