scavenger hunt sunday

I'm linking up today with Ashley Sisk's Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Thanks for the prompts Ashley!

1. Decay (old/abandoned):

2. Groups of three:

3. Kitchen:

I am a baker. I've never claimed to be a cook. To tell you the truth, cooking doesn't interest me that much but I try my best. My mom is a great cook and what I know I learned from her. So today when I discovered I didn't have Shake 'n Bake I didn't panic. I've seen her use Cornflakes and I've also seen her use regular potato chips. Ever used Hickory Sticks? It was all I could find and it was actually pretty good.

4. Things that make you go hmmmmm...:

5. "Me" time:

Luke Spencer was the driver of the car that killed Jake Webber?! Shut up!


Meg said…
Great pictures!! I love your groups of three, and the "Hmmm" picture. Excellent! :)
OMG, when I got to "me time" I cracked up - my boyfriend now wants to know hat's so funny, but he wouldn't get it. These are fantastic.

Thanks for the loud laugh!
Oh MY GOD YOU ARE A GH'R...Finally someone who watches my show!...I think Theo or Franco set up Luke. What do you think?
Brooke said…
Oh WOW! WOOOOOW - I love your shots :D Your THREE shot has got to be my FAV so far. How perfect!
Jessica said…
I love your group of three shot! It's excellent!!
andrea said…
Your hmmmm shot is awesome!!
Christina said…
I lol'd at your Me time. Fellow GH fanatic!
Ashley Sisk said…
These are all really wonderful - the moment I thought I had a favorite, I found another one I liked. Great job!
I laughed at the "me" time... Oh what would we do without "our" shows??! My fav... the group of three. Simply beautiful!

be blessed

Abi said…
That is such a cool group of three! This might be a dumb question... did you paint it?
Cedar said…
Count me in as one more person that loves your group of three! The others are great, too, and your "Me Time" made me laugh out loud--though I don't know the show, sorry.
That last one cracks me up! And, I so LOVE your group of 3. Since reading your blog, I'm looking for graffiti, too! :)
Ray said…
Nice decay shot!
Marla said…
I love the kitchen shot. Good job, Lady. :)

Marla @
Jennifer said…
Thanks so much everyone! And I am so happy to know there are other GH fans out there. ;)

For those of you who don't know, the show is General Hospital. I started watching it 3 years ago and I really enjoy it. And Larissa - I agree with you - I think it's a setup for sure. I am pretty sure Franco is behind it. Enjoy!

Abi - not a dumb question at all! Nope - I can't take credit for it. I was out for a photo walk Sunday and it was graffiti spray painted on a wall.
Serline said…
Hmmm, the graffiti on the wall actually is quite thought provoking...