day 100 - "showering" with aunt sara

This is Sara. In a little over a month she will officially become a member of the family, but she has been "Aunt Sara" to my kids from day one (and she's a great one at that).

Today was her wedding shower.

The boys couldn't quite grasp where Ava and I were going. At first they thought we were going to a birthday party. I told them no, it wasn't a birthday party, it was a shower.

When we got back, Owen came up to me and asked "Mommy, why were you having a shower with Aunt Sara?".

Bahahahaha. That's how rumours start, kid.


Anonymous said…
What a great picture of Ava and Sara?

Karen A
Serline said…
As long as you did not have to explain any souvenir taken from the Chippendale dancer ;-P
Trish ~ ♥ ~ said…
sweet photo ~ congratulations to the bride to be
Marla said…
Haha. Kids are too funny. And family weddings are so much fun. :)

Marla @
Carlynn said…
Hahaha! That is funny. So were you showering with Aunt Sara? JK Great picture
Anonymous said…
lmao...ya don't get that rumour started! great picture! Sara