day 101 - happy fifth birthday ava

Five years ago today, I became a mom. Ava arrived three weeks early and was such a skinny little thing that we couldn't find clothes to fit her. (And she was 6 lbs. 7 oz. Finding clothes for her 5 lb 10 oz and 4 lb. 11 oz. brothers two years later was totally impossible.)

Today she came home from school with cute little curls in her hair from playing outside at recess and fresh off of doing the birthday polka at school. It was a good day.

As she turns five, her favourite songs are "Back in Black" and "Party in the USA". She's on track to be far taller than I am. She loves to eat "flower" yogurt (vanilla), cinnamon toast and still has the intense hatred of potatoes (fries included) she developed as a toddler.

She can read basic stories, is starting to write sentences and knows who Steve Perry is.

Critical info covered...check.


Amy Lightfoot said…
Happy Belated Birthday to Ava!

I totally understand the finding no clothes for small babies!!! Bekah was 3 lbs 10oz at birth, and came home at 4 lbs 2 Oz... so clothes were impossible...and the custom preemie clothes were SO expensive!

Nice to see all the "WEE" ones thriving and growing.