day 102 - the puppet show

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

One of Ava's favourite presents from her birthday party was a puppet show. Yesterday I watched her play and it was hilarious. I have no idea what the plot was and I don't remember what the names were but it was highly entertaining.

When her brothers aren't home the tone is quite different. She can play in her room without them coming in and trashing it. When they are all home, watch out.

On Sunday I watched them run around. All three of them had a race to get from our bedroom upstairs to the living room downstairs. I sat there on the bed and watched Owen zip out the door first. Ava quickly followed and as she ran through the doorway, she pulled the door shut behind her, causing Ethan to smash head first into the edge of the door.

Anyway, there was a lot of crying (Ethan) and a lot of screaming (me) and once the dust settled, I heard Ava turn to Owen and tell him "Owen, you are my favourite brother".

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6 Responses to “day 102 - the puppet show”

Sheri said...

Jen, that is the cutest little puppet show I've ever seen! Did someone make it? Or was it bought in a store? If it was a store, do you know the name of it? I know another little girl who is about to turn 5 who would love it :)

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

quite the imagation to make up the story and act it out, so precious

Jennifer said...

Thanks ladies! Sheri - not sure where it came from but it was bought in a store. One of the little girls in Ava's class bought it for her. I'll see if I can find out where it came from and let you know!

Charlene Cleary said...

She didn't mean it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have seen that puppet theatre at "Toy Soup" in Elmira and I believe that "Jesters" in Fergus also has it.

Sheri said...

Jen & Lynn, thanks for the info. I'll check those places out :) It's funny, we live in Elmira and I've never heard of Toy Soup...I obviously don't get out and about in my own little town enough :) Thanks again!