day 103 - you want to autocorrect to what?

So tonight I unwound a bit after the kids went to bed and I returned a couple of emails. I was shocked to discover something:

Youse is not only formally recognized as a word but it's in the predictive text suggestions on my iPod?!?! I'm not only speechless, I want my money back, Apple!

Anyway, Blogger just red squiggly lined "youse" so I guess the universe isn't totally out of whack.

Here's my photo of the day - it's a fun little project I am working on. It's top secret and it's going to ROCK. At least in my mind it is. Keep your fingers crossed and I will hopefully have a sneak preview for you in the next week or two.


Checco said…
Youse is overreacting aboot dis my deer! I got through Univercity using dis "creative spellin" and I turned out gooder than I taught.

Love the "secret project". It is looking fantastic.
Andrea said…
HAHAHHA That's what youse get for going with apple ;)
Jenny said…
lmao wow! and LOL @andrea!
Mari said…
I think a teacher would mark that word wrong in a paper!
Can't wait to see what you are doing.
Jennifer said…
Thanks everyone. LOL

And thanks Checco. I miss your constant harassment. "Omelette" this one slide.
Dorian Susan said…
Youse, huh?
If they're going to offer "youse" they should only offer it as "youse guys"...don't you think?
Are the people that say "you-uns" or "y'all" at all upset about this?
Thanks for the laugh.