day 107 - snoop doggs, get your snoop doggs here!

Another birthday week comes to an end in the McDougall household. Five still brings the same humour that four did, but we're getting a bit more advanced.

Ava (seeing that I am making hot dogs for lunch): Are you making Snoop Doggs for lunch?
Me: You mean whistle dogs?
Ava: Yeah, that's it. Whistle dogs.

Ava (to one of her brothers who has his back to her): Who are you?
Ethan turns around.
Ava: Oh. You're Ethan. You're not my favourite brother.
Ava (yells): Owen? Where are you?!


Checco said…
At least Ava gets to choose a favourite brother. One day it will be Owen, the next day it will be Ethan. My poor sisters just had me! Like it or not.
Anonymous said…
Ha ha! Hilarious!
Mari said…
Ha! She's pretty funny!
Love that picture of her!
That's too funny!
I have four brothers and my favorite changed daily when we were younger!
Marla said…
Muhahaha. That's too funny. :)

Marla @
Jess Murchie said…
It was your mother who introduced the whistle dog to me. Now, I offer it to kiddos who come over to visit and they have no idea what I am talking about. ;) Whistle dogs....they're good stuff!