day 108 - eighteen little easter eggs

When I was a kid, I don't remember my parents decorating for Easter. Dyeing Easter eggs sure, but we never had outdoor decorations. Today people have stepped it up a notch and have outside Easter decorations.

Ava let me get away with not doing it last year, but this year she requested we do some decorating of our own. I was okay with it because I have been disappointed in myself that I haven't done more to decorate the outside of the house. I've given myself a pass on it because I am too busy looking after the state of the inside of the house and the happenings of the people in it.

Case in point last Wednesday. The boys:

Flooded the garden with the outside tap.
Threw mulch out of the garden.
Kicked at the shrubs in the garden.
Threw the bird feeder on the ground.
Threw a mitt into the second floor chandelier.
Broke the trim off around Ava's bedroom window.

Anyway, despite the disaster that was last Wednesday, we managed to get it done and 18 little Easter eggs were placed on the Japanese maple in the front garden. A few hours later it snowed.

And as I type this, 17 little Easter eggs are out there flapping in the high winds. I've been outside several times in the past few days putting eggs back on the tree and one is MIA. Who knows how many more will vanish into the great beyond overnight.

The odds of decorating next year are slim to none.