day 116 - somebody pass the brain bleach

Running season is officially here. It's time to set goals and figure out what I want to achieve this year. To get this down so there's no backing out, my plan is to run an 8 km race in August, a 10 km race in October and run 100 km total between now and when the snow flies in the late fall.

As I type this, I have run 5 km and I am a broken woman. I'm apparently out of shape, but I don't have to start from square one this year so hooray for that. For now as I build up, there are two key objectives: 1. Don't swallow any bugs; and 2. If you're not going to run the whole thing, at least run past the houses of the people you know.

Check and check. Bravo.

Here's the driveway as I headed out for tonight's run with Michele. The graffiti starts to take shape. Random shapes and letters now form sentences.

Tonight as I walked to meet up with Michele I realized something. Yesterday I bugged my sister relentlessly for downloading Christopher Cross songs to her iPod. In looking at my own iPod I realized that last week I had two downloads: Alvin and the Chipmunks and Hannah Montana. She has the iPod playlist that would make a 60 year old envious and I might get my pocket picked when I drop Ava at school.

Great. Not only do I have Arthur's Theme in my head but I now have a visual of Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli in bed together.

Somebody pass the brain bleach.