day 118 - princess jennifer ticky mcdougallcock

Did any of you watch American Idol last night? It was Carole King night and I was confused. I couldn't remember exactly who she was or what she sang. All I knew was she was absolutely terrifying in Alice in Wonderland.

Wait a minute -- wrong Carol. Great. Now I'm going to have nightmares.

Anyway, I give this week a fail. It was horrible. Once they launched into their montage, I remembered who Carole King was and I think my parents even had the Tapestry album. Turns out there were very few songs I ended up knowing and the arrangements were horrible. Here's hoping next week is Led Zeppelin week and that the country guy goes home. I'm putting in my wish list early.

On to more important things. Have you determined what your royal name is and what are you doing to mark the royal wedding tomorrow?

Princess Jennifer Ticky McDougallcock of Arthurshire plans to sit on the couch, eat a few cheesies and drink a pile of tea.

I don't know where you find this stuff Mary & Stephen, but you rock.



This post made me that little bottle that's included, by the way. :)

Oh, and from this day forth, I shall be known as: Countess Dina Tildsley Lettreham of Kennesawpool
Tiffany said…
LOVE this...all of it. I wish I could sit on the couch and drink tea and eat cheesies, the good life:)

Dina took my name!

Checco said…
Will that be Long Island Iced tea? I could sit and drink a pile of those along with a few bags of hickory sticks!

I tried to get my royal name, but the second I typed in Francesco Piccioni, the system crashed.

Fun photos!!!
Mari said…
Love it! I'm watching right now, with laptop in front of me.
Ashley Sisk said…
You seriously crack me up - I watched maybe 15 minutes of it this morning while getting ready. Now I need to think of my royal name. Hmmm.
Ashley Sisk said…
Ok here's my name: Marchioness Ashley Prudence Siskham of Durhamshire
Glenn Kun said…
Im sorry to say, I don't really care about that stupid royal wedding. haha. I don't know why people love to watch such wedding,.