day 96 - back to the cheap stuff tomorrow

As much as I love maple syrup, with the amount we go through in a year we can't afford to like the good stuff. We are an Aunt Jemima household. Actually, that's a lie. We're a No Name maple syrup with butter household. With that being said, it's nice to have the real stuff as a treat now and then. And we are very lucky, because Canada is known for its maple syrup and we don't need to go far to find it in this area.

Today I was off to the sugar bush with Ava's class and I was so lucky to be able to go. It was really interesting because although I had been to this particular sugar bush before, it was fun to see Ava experience it for the first time.

Apparently it was a great year for maple syrup in this area. This particular sugar bush averages 1,500 litres of syrup a year. Last year wasn't a great year and they produced 1,100. This year they produced 2,400 litres. Not bad for a bunch of 200 year old spooky looking trees.

I don't really have a story other than that. I'll let the pictures do the storytelling today. I'm beat after chasing my sons down the street when they made a break for it on their bikes.

Mom may be old but she still managed to catch them and carry their bikes back with one under each arm. They are now impounded in the garage.


Jane said…
Having grown up on a maple syrup farm, these gorgeous pictures tell a great story...I'm home sick. You have a beautiful knack for capturing moments.
Checco said…
Aunt Jemima works for me too. Try growing up in an Italian family household where pancakes were covered with olive oil and tomato sauce:)

Your pictures are always worth a thousand words my dear. They are all great.
Trish ~ ♥ ~ said…
oh what a fun field trip, every once in awhile we get the "real" stuff, so good
Mari said…
We are a no name syrup family too, but it's nice to have the good stuff occasionally.
Love these shots!
Buckeroomama said…
The only time we have real maple syrup is when we visit Canada in the summers and we try to bring home a bottle or two. :)
Sheri said…
Amazing pics, as always :) I was lucky enough to go to the sugar bush with Alyssa's class last Friday! I still need to post my pics though. Was the sugar bush in Elmira? I just noticed the line said it, so wondered. The one we went to was actually outside of St. Jacobs.

Loving all the new stuff with the blog, especially the "Fabulous Fridays". I have yet to join in, but will try soon :)

Take care!