day 97 - what exactly is a wocket

Today was a busy day with a trip to the dentist and lots of running around for Ava's upcoming birthday party this weekend. No cavities to report and nothing exciting to report either.

I would like to thank the kind motorist who high beamed me on the highway right at the exact moment I was going to pull out and pass and never would have seen the dirty, DIRTY radar trap ahead. Thank you, kind sir.

To the next ten cars on the road that I high beamed with not so much as a wave back in appreciation, I hope you all got speeding tickets.

Here's my picture of the day - Ava picking out new books at the library.

I have no idea what a wocket is but it makes me flash back to my college days. For an entire semester my economics teacher went on an on about widgets. Widget this and widget that and the supply and demands of the widget factory. Do you know how long it took me to figure out what the hell a widget was? I can only assume a wocket falls under the same category.


Brooke said…
I think we were in the same Economics class.... I was equally LOST :D Love the shot!!!
hmm, what is a wocket?