day 99 - ava's five birthday party

Today is the day Ava has been waiting on for six months. Many a guest list has been drafted for this day. Today was her "five birthday party".

Twelve children five and under descended on the McDougall household. Each child was dropped off by their parent who gave me a wink, a "have fun" and skipped back to their car.

Fifteen minutes later I started to wonder what in the hell I had signed up for.

I have to say that the mess was minimal. Kids under five don't have much of an attention span. No sooner they all herded up the stairs, somebody would say "let's go downstairs" and they were back down the stairs to the living room. This went on for two hours.

A little while later, I heard Ava telling her friends where to sit and where not to sit. I told her not to be bossy and she told me that she was just posing her friends for a picture.

Like mother, like daughter.

I don't know what's funnier - the uneven lipstick coverage or the fact that she looks like she only has one leg in this picture.

Please note: I am not implying that there is anything remotely funny about only having one leg.

One more shot from today of a pretty cute Tinkerbell cupcake tower. Thanks to Checco for the design and a big thanks to my mom for the delicious cupcakes. We're on a roll with these things. I might just make it through my kids' entire childhood without learning how to decorate a cake.

Ava's planning for her "six birthday party" has already begun.


Tracy said…
Love the photo of the lipstick! Such a little girl thing to do. Looks like lots of fun!!!
Henrietta said…
Wait until she gets sweet 16...what will you do then?!?You have to take bank loan, bye her a brand new car and hire the coolest band in a town to her party...ou dear.
Now it looks so fun what little girls do enjoy it and lipstick is so sweet:)
Katherine said…
Love the first shot. Looks like such a fun memory- I'm sure she'll love looking back on these pictures :)
Mari said…
Fun times! Glad Ava enjoyed herself!
Dorian Susan said…
Hee, hee, are a brave woman. 12 5 year olds-bless you. Did you ever hear that rule that you're allowed to invite as many friends as years old you are to your b-day. Might want to think about that for next year. 6 year olds might have longer attention spans that get in more trouble. (:
Leovi said…
Beautiful cake and it seems a pretty fun party. I love the color of your photos. Greetings.
Anika said…
HA! I love these shots...looks like a good time was had. Like the lens you used for the bedroom shots, so cute!
Anonymous said…
Cute photos.
I love these pics - brought a smile!!
Kristin said…
I have a 6 year old, so I feel for you. However, I think I had more fun at my daughters 6th sleepover party than all the girls put together did. They is just something so wonderful about youth.