fabulous friday challenge

The weather was really strange all week with lots of rain and snow. As a result, I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked. Oddly enough, somebody else in the house took more pictures than I did. Ava got a new camera for her birthday and she loves it. It's been so much fun watching her play.

Just a reminder of the rules:

1. The picture has to be taken by you.
2. The picture has been taken during the past week and it can be a picture you have posted earlier in the week.
3. Link up using the link to your individual blog post and not your main blog address.
4. Please include the Fabulous Friday button (below) in your post to link back to my site.
5. Leave feedback for five other participants. Let them know what you think!
6. By linking up you are okay with me re-posting your photo here if you are chosen for the top five.

Thanks in advance everyone! Linky closes Sunday night and the top five will be announced Monday night. Have a wonderful Easter!


Sarah said…
Awww. How fun!! Cute photo.
Ashley Sisk said…
What a cute shot!
Marla said…
Awww... I love that shot. It's so cute. :)

Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com
Jessaca said…
Looks like she is going to have fun!!
Sherrie said…
She looks like she's having a wonderful time taking pictures. You taking a picture of her taking a picture. Wow! You should frame this one. Have a great day!

Food for Thought
I absolutely LOVE this shot. It it so sweet. Her smile is fabulous; a great birthday gift. Get them started young!
Trish ~ ♥ ~ said…
oh how sweet, gotta love it
Brooke said…
Love this one. I gave my little guy one of old digital cameras and I always love looking back through some of the pics that he takes. :D

Anyway, I hope she takes after her Momma and gets some amazing ones!
Mari said…
I love the expression on Ava's face!
Andrea said…
Is she taking a picture of her and scarlett? How cute!
Danyelle said…
Oh my, that is seriously too cute!