fabulous friday - top five and a winner!

Did you know that there are people in this world who are actually able to stay awake after their kids go to bed? Not in this house unfortunately and certainly not in the past few days. It's been busy and the past few days have wiped me out. I am so sorry for the delay in posting the winners for week four.

Once again it was hard to decide as the submissions were fantastic. Thank you so much to everyone who participated and I hope you will participate again this week!

Without further delay, here are the winners from week four. Big thanks to Andrea at Three Blue Eyed Boys for helping with the judging.

Henrietta submitted this stunning shot. It's looks so real it feels like you can reach out and touch it. What I love most about Henrietta's photos is that she has a clear style. When you look through her site, the photos are treated with her own look and feel and they are all absolutely beautiful.

This beautiful entry is by Keara. Make sure you check out the entire series of photos because they are also fabulous. You can feel the energy in her shots.

Becky Sue submitted this beautiful shot of lilac buds. Love it.

took this fabulous shot. Love the house in the background. Absolutely gorgeous.

That brings us to this week's winner: Tracy.

Love, love, love this. The colours, the subject...everything. What a beautifully composed shot. It actually reminds me of the movie poster from ET. It is absolutely magical. Thanks for posting a link to the Click it Up a Notch tutorial Tracy - you can be sure I will be out shooting sunset silhouettes if spring ever arrives.

Congrats and thanks again everyone! Hope to see you again this Friday.

Make sure you grab your buttons ladies:


Tracy said…
Jennifer..This was just the icing on my cake this week. We too have had a crazy busy life lately and I many times stop to ask myself why and how it happens. It just does and it has been catching up to me. So to hear your sweet words about my photo really brought tears to my eyes....I also need to get rest and am one of those that is up way to late after tucking my little ones in. So Thank you and I love to inspire others as they all inspire me right back!
Henrietta said…
Thank you for this honor. I didn't even know you choose top five or something:) I just want to show my pictures to the world cause I have shooting so many years just for myself and that is boring. It nice to here you find some "my own style" from my pictures. I'm so close of course to my work that I don't see or be aware that I have a style:)
Andrea said…
Congratulations to the top 5! It was another fabulous week and tough to judge :)
Becky Sue said…
Thank you so much! I am honored to be in such beautiful company. :)
Christina said…
Jennifer, thank you for choosing me as a top 5! Makes my day!! All of those photos were so wonderful, I feel great for being chosen as one!