day 122 - where's willy?

Ten years ago I saw Serendipity in the movie theatre. I loved it. The idea that you can put an item out into the universe and have it come back to you is not only destiny but it's pretty damn cool.

While at Tim Hortons last week, I received my change and I noticed something stamped on it. I was intrigued, so I checked it out. Where's Willy lets you enter the serial number of a bill and track it. Once entered, it will email me every time that bill gets entered by another person so I can see how far it travels.

My bill is new to the system and has yet to go on any travels.

Today I spent that five dollar bill treating Ava and my mom to the new fruit smoothie at Tim Hortons.


P.S. Willy refers to Wilfred Laurier who is on the Canadian five dollar bill. There's a U.S. equivalent of this site called Where's George.


Checco said…
Do you have 2 willys for a Johnny? Sir Johnny to be exact!!!
andrea said…
That is so cool! I am going to keep an eye to see if one comes my way!