day 125 - thwarting teen pregnancy one photo walk at a time

This morning Jen and I went out scouting locations for our upcoming sunset photo shoot. It was slow going with the boys and there were some tantrums along the way, but it was fun.

Oddly enough we all came away from the walk with a mutual appreciation for mud puddles. The boys came away covered in mud and we came away with some pretty cool bokeh shots. Who knew that light reflecting off of a small puddle of rain water could be so much fun?

I also realize how little I know about the area in which I live. How did I not know this area is a ten minute walk (an hour when walking with the boys) from my house?

We even deterred two teenagers from parking during their lunch hour.

Jen & Jen: 1
Teen pregnancy: 0

To the parents of the punks in the 2001-ish silver Grand Am: you're welcome.


Serline said…
Wow, you got such beautiful pictures out of mostly weeds and wild plants... great job on the teen pregnancy intervention too ;-) Have a blessed weekend!
andrea said…
Love the first shot of the fence! Great photos.
Allison Hoffman said…
ha - love the intervention - it "takes a village" right?
These are gorgeous. You rocked the title of this post!

People still go parking?
Andrea said…
Where is this?
Jennifer said…
Thank you so much everyone! Andrea - it's just off of the old CN rail line. We walked down past Musashi. At one point the ground on either side of the path dropped way down. We could see the nice little river area and climbed down to it. At that point we discovered the bridge. It was cool - we had no idea it was there. :)
Andrea said…
LOl I thought that was where you were....I played down there all the time as a kid. Before Musashi was built it was just an old dirt path. Rode my bike down there and Jen S and I had a fort on that little road as well :)