day 130 - who is this kid?

Big night tonight. It was the season opener of soccer.

Last year Ava ran occasionally and when she did, she had her hands at the sides of her face like blinders in case somebody looked at her. She kicked the ball once near the end of the season and that was about it.

Talk about night and day. Although the night started out slowly with Ava and her little friends congregated near their own net socializing, shortly afterward she was trotting the field and flashing me thumbs up. She even kicked the ball a few times.

It was a huge success. I think school has really helped her come out of her shell.

The highlight of the night for the boys was the town's finest (and I mean this with total sincerity - not my usual sarcasm) showing up with freezies for the kids. Sparky was a huge hit with the boys.

(This is Owen - or at least I am 99% sure. Why oh why didn't I blog this sooner?)

Well that wasn't exciting, was it? Please bear with me while I get myself caught up and back on track. It's been a really busy week this week and I need to get back into my groove.

Hope you had a great weekend!


Mari said…
Yay for Ava! Glad the boys had fun too. :)
☆☆Mumsy said…
Watching little kids playing soccer is always fun for me, and I'm glad the boys had fun too.
Nancy said…
So happy for your Ava. It makes all the difference when their confidence is able to break through. Awesome!
Leovi said…
Beautiful and varied images.