day 140 - hello from sunny phoenix

Hello from sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

Did I get you going there?

We didn't move. We're in Phoenix on vacation for a family wedding.

We left for the airport in the middle of the night and flew out first thing this morning. Words can't describe how excited Ava was when she was told she could have Hickory Sticks for breakfast.

Ever seen what happens to a bag of Hickory Sticks at 35,000 feet? Halfway through the flight I was stressed to discover the bag had filled with air and was busting at the seams. I spent the next hour praying to god it didn't explode or I would have been arrested in the air.

Ava's first flight was a big hit. Her favourite part of the entire experience? Turbulence.

And the tiny red straws.

We arrived to hot and sunny 30 degree weather with no humidity. To quote my new sister-in-law, my hair loves Phoenix.

Here are some more pictures from day one:


Mari said…
I've never heard of Hickory Sticks.
I bet you're having fun taking pictures of all the different scenery there!
Jaymi said…
these are GREAT travel photos! So fun and colorful!
Flohbock said…
mhm very tasty!