fabulous friday - top five and a winner!

A big thanks to all that participated this week! Here is the top five. Once again picking the top five wasn't an easy task. Once again thanks to Andrea for the help with judging!

Amanda entered this shot. Love, love, love it. The sky is perfect, the catch lights are beautiful and it's beautifully framed and cropped.

Can you believe this shot by Dana is hand held? It rocks. 99% of people would take a picture of this carousel and freeze the action. Dana chose a long exposure and made it far more interesting.

Ever thought about going to Home Depot and taking shots in the garden centre? Kimberly did and the results were beautiful. Kimberly - I give you full marks. I don't know if I would ever have the guts to take my camera into Home Depot. Bravo. Thanks for the inspiration!

This shot by Jenn is truly fabulous. She not only took a beautiful shot, but it was incredibly well thought out and exposed on the fly. I recommend checking out her post to read more about her settings because they were brilliant. (P.S. Make sure you check out her date widget in the top left corner of her blog - it's awesome!)

And the winner of Fabulous Friday? Corey. What a cute and interesting shot. Bonus marks to her daughter as my daughter wouldn't let me get within 50 feet of her with a frog. Actually, come to think of it, big time bonus marks for Corey if she was the one who actually touched that frog to put it on her daughter's face. You're a far braver woman than I, Corey.

Congrats and thanks again everyone! Hope to see you all again this Friday!

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One said…
Excellent photos! I like the bubble in the sky. And of course the frog on the nose is terrific. Next time, I will put the toad on my dog's nose. :)
Sheri said…
Great shots everyone!!

Amanda, congrats on making it to the top five!! As soon as I saw the pic...I was like...I know her! You've come a long way with your photography!
I am so honored. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for all the props. We both touched the poor frog a lot actually. we love tree frogs. and if you look at my blog header, you'll see my girl has been a good sport since she was little. :)
Mira said…
oh, that carousel shot is awesome!
Trish ~ ♥ ~ said…
Wonderful group of photos, such talented and creative photographers. Awesome job!
Jenn said…
Big thanks!
Nancy said…
So much talent -- how did you ever choose? :)
WOW....these are so, so great. Some serious talent!