day 143 - surely you can't be serious

Today was a long day. Because of the severe weather and tornadoes across areas of the U.S. we ran into problems returning to Canada. What should have been a 13 hour trip from start to finish took 36 hours.

I can't complain because we were safe and because Ava was very good considering she was stuck inside multiple airports for hours on end. She didn't complain once.

We started the day in Phoenix by returning the rental car and would ended up spending most of the day in Sky Harbor International Airport.

We were supposed to travel via Dallas and arrive in Toronto at midnight. In a change of events we traveled via Los Angeles, missed our connecting flight to Toronto and stayed in a hotel recommended by American Airlines.

Our hotel room looked like Archie Bunker lived there

and was hiding behind the shower curtain with a chainsaw.


We slept with the light on.


Tracy said…
Happy to hear you are safe and sound! What a patient girl! Glad you were safe sleeping in the hotel room of Archie ;) I would have slept with the lights on as well! Great shots!!
Barb said…
Sounds tiring . . . been there, and it isn't fun . . . but the weather in the states has been crazy - so sad for all those people affected by tornadoes.