day 148 - mommy don't go

My how girls' night has changed. Five years ago I didn't have kids hanging onto the side of the mini van as we tried to pull out of the driveway.

Come to think of it we also didn't drive to girls' night in a mini van.

I feel compelled to point out that the van was stopped in the driveway when this photo was taken. Ethan was not hanging from it as we drove down the street.

Anyway...hilarity ensued. Bridesmaids = Awesome. I highly recommend it.

I also learned two very valuable tips from my brilliant friends:

1. If you are going to smuggle food into the movies in your purse, go with Pringles so they don't get crushed.

2. If you are going to the drive in, pick up a pizza from Dominos and smuggle it in under the seat.

Sheer brilliance.

Thanks for a great night ladies. xo


Tiffany said…
Girl's night in a mini van....better than no girl's night:)

Mari said…
That top picture is pitiful! Glad you had fun though - a girls night out is needed occasionally!
Barb said…
That top photo is absolutely priceless!
Elena said…
The first picture just breaks my heart. I guess I have that to look forward to. Right now my baby is only 9 1/2 months. I do remember doing this to my mom when I was younger. I was so attached to her, I hated it when she'd leave.