day 156 - hello emergency room my old friend

Illness has struck the house. Nothing major, but Ethan hasn't been looking the greatest. He hasn't been sick, but all of a sudden his skin is very dry and he has broken out in a roseola-like rash. My kids have each had roseola so I know what to look for. It sure looked like roseola but it was puzzling because Ethan didn't have a cold and the rash didn't follow a fever. He got the rash and then the fever.

Anyway, today was day three of the rash and late in the day it started to get worse so it was hospital time. By the time my mom and I got him there, his arms were red like a sunburn, his stomach was hurting, his ears were burning up and he wouldn't stop scratching. The rash had spread to his scalp.

When I told him it was time to go to the hospital he was suddenly better. Not sick at all.

When I told him that hospital time equaled one-on-one time with Nana and a chance to play on the iPod, he changed his mind and ran for the van.

For somebody who gets beat up by his younger brother on a daily basis, Ethan is still the classic big brother (by nine minutes). He looks out for Owen and is very upset when they aren't together. Case in point, waiting at exam bed three between Dislocated Shoulder and Not Visibly Sick but Got Called Before We Did and I am Pulling the BS Card.

Kid with ear infection: crying
Ethan: That's Owen.
Me: No it's not Owen. Owen is at home.


Kid with ear infection: crying
Ethan: That's Owen.
Me: Nope. Still not Owen. Owen isn't here.


Kid with ear infection: crying
Ethan: That's Owen!
Me: I give up. It's Owen.


Ethan: I'm going to see him!


The verdict? Suspected strep throat and scarlet fever.



Michelle said…
:( ER's are no fun! We were just there yesterday! Hope your little boy feels better soon!!!!
Shannon said…
Knock on wood, neither of my kids have seen the inside of an emergency room or an urgent care clinic. I hope Ethan feels better soon.
Hah. Reminds me of the Cheech and Chong bit, "Dave's not here..." Might be before your time. :)

Poor little guy. Hope he's up and back to his old self soon.
Anonymous said…
Poor little guy-- I hope he's back up and with everyone else soon!
Christina said…
Oh no!Poor kid! Hope he feels better soon...
Tiffany said…
Hope he is doing fun being sick, especially in summer. (No fun for Mommy either)

Mari said…
My oldest daughter had that. Hope Ethan is better soon - thank goodness for antibiotics!
Beth said…
I did the ER too many times as a parent. It got so, it was no big deal to us or our son who was prone to breaking bones: collar bone 4 times until he and I convinced his dad to let him play ORGANIZED football--didn't break it again after that--I'm sure the protective gear helped; neighbor kid shoved him off a jungle gym from the top:two bones in one arm broken; skateboarding: ankle-- Football coach and now gung-ho dad let him back into game too early; subsequently weak ankle: broken 3 more times while playing basketball.
He's 33 and fine now.
We learned to take plenty to read for us and them and to keep our sense of humor front and center.

Good that they were able to diagnose and treat your son. Hope he mends soon.