day 161 - my (sometimes) obedient co-pilot

There are people out there who have golden retrievers who listen. They come when they are called and they are walked without a leash.

My dog isn't one of them.

Eight years old and I still chase her down the street several times a month, leash in hand, to bring her home when she bolts out the door. It's a work in progress.

Tonight Scarlett and I went for a drive and she ran from the house straight to the van without a one km detour or stopping to visit a neighbour. Baby steps.

This is the look of a happy dog who just scarfed two timbits in the Tim Hortons drive through and got to hang her head out the window the whole way home.


jane said…
love this picture...and knowing that I was not alone with a golden who didn't listen. Who cares with a face like that!