day 169 - iphoneography 101

After a lot of thought and consideration, I decided to buy an iPhone. After a frustrating time trying to access wifi in airports with my iPod Touch and being completely inaccessible at times, I decided it was time. I was also excited at the thought of it doing double duty as a point and shoot camera for both stills and video.

So today is day one and so far it does not disappoint. A few apps from the app store later and I am very impressed. For the first time in a couple of weeks I am inspired and having fun with my photography again.

So I started to play a bit. I even found an app that creates cartoons right in the camera. I did a cartoon strip in Photoshop once and it took me days to do it. This one took a minute and a half:

Then I played around a bit more

and decided that I am still not ready to laugh about this event. It's too soon.


Ashley Sisk said…
That is way too cool - yet another app for me to be jealous of!
Michelle said…
very cool effects!!! and like you - i wouldn't be ready to laugh yet either! so - i'll laugh for you :) but when it happens to me - you can laugh at me :)
Mari said…
What a great app!
I wouldn't be laughing yet either, but you will!
anettesbokboble said…
Awesome photos!! What is the app called? I would love to download it :) Hugs from Anette in Norway :)
Jessaca said…
Another great reason for me to get an iPHONE!! Thanks for sharing