day 171 - wait a minute -- you played what?!

We have entered the Hannah Montana, Selena Gomez and Transformer years. And you know what? I'm okay with that. There are far more irritating things they could still be watching (IN THE NIGHT GARDEN).

Tonight I asked the kids to show me their favourite songs.


It's hard to believe how fast the kids are growing up. Case in point tonight at dinner:

Me: "How was the birthday party you went to on Saturday, Ava? Did you play any games?"
Ava: "Yes! We played a game where we spun a bottle until it stopped in front of someone."
Me: Choking on my dinner. "You played what?!"
Ava: "We spun a bottle and when it stopped in front of someone they had to pick one dress up thing out of a bag and put it on. When we were done, they took a picture of everyone in their dress up outfit."

So while I may be getting older, the kids are still thankfully nowhere near the "spin the bottle" years. That makes me happy. Another thought that makes me happy comes in the form of a quote from actor Jonah Hill:

"In 50 years, a bunch of 80 year-olds will know all the words to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song."


Shannon said…
That's hilarious. What a great game. I would have loved to see the look on your face when Ava told you about it.
BuyWoWAccounts said…
It has to do with anyone's environment. Kids nowadays seem to mature easily. That was a hilarious one indeed, gladly they were doing the dress-up game :D

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SKC said…
HA HA HA.. funny stuff.. love the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air quote. I love that show.
Anonymous said…
Ha ha! Hilarious!!
Tiffany said…
Too funny...dress up:)

Anonymous said…
That is such a funny story!! Love the shots of everyone's favorite songs. I'm a sucker for things in focus and faces in the background. :) Great idea! Love your blog.
Marla said…
Haha. What a funny story. I would have almost died.

Marla @
Danelle said…
Haha! Love that quote!