fabulous friday - top five and a winner!

Wow. I am inspired again by the beautiful entries from last week. Thank you so much to all of you for participating.

It was a hard choice, but here are my picks for this week:

Loved this picture from Me salen alas. It's unbelievably inspiring, romantic and creative. Love. It.

I loved this shot by Michelle. The composition is beautiful, the reflection is amazing and the camels made me take a second look. How cool are they?!

How awesome is this shot by Kristin? A lot of people would have used a flash and destroyed this shot. The rest of us would have said "It's too dark - I won't even bother", myself included. Instead, Kristin cranked her iso and totally rocked this shot.

I love this shot by Jen. What a beautiful tribute. I've been to this cenotaph many times and never thought to take a shot of it from this perspective. Love it.

And the winner of Fabulous Friday is Brooke. What a fantastic capture. Rear view mirror photos aren't easy to do as they are hard to meter without blowing out the sky. This shot is perfectly exposed and it made me smile. Beautiful!

Thanks everyone for participating! Have a fantastic week and I hope you'll join me again this Friday.

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One said…
I love the first shot. Am very impressed!
Michelle said…
Wow, thank you for choosing my camels to be in top 5 with these other AMAZING photographs!! xx
Brooke said…
OH WOW!!!! Thanks so much. I am glad you liked that one and am flattered. Really! And I so appreciate all the kind words. I could play it off like I knew what I was doing with the metering and all that... but honestly... it was just luck ;D
Anyway, you made my day - thanks!!!
Jessica said…
These are amazing!! Congrats everyone!
Hello!! •♥•

Thanks for the recomendation ;D
I like your site and I´ll write about in my blog.
I follow you ;D
Kisses from Madrid.