day 176 - a summer wedding

I don't wear much in the way of colour most of the time and most of my wardrobe is black. So this afternoon when I noticed that A. my dress matched my phone and that B. I didn't have dog drool or snot on my outfit, a picture was taken to mark the occasion.

Today was a beautiful day for a summer wedding. Congratulations Davin and Samantha!

My apologies to those participating in the bouquet toss who didn't count on the younger competition.

Many people have an opinion on marrying age. Exactly how young is too young?

Five years old is definitely too young.


Melanie said…
Wow. You go mama! Love that your dress matched your phone! Very pretty color. I feel better that someone else feels it's an accomplishment not to have doggy drool or snot on them, at anytime! haha..

LOVE the wedding shots, especially the girls on the dance floor!
Sarah said…
Awesome photos. Love that silhouette one. So cute.