day 183 - the meat sweats

Another full day outside. Ava and I went to the second annual Art in the Street and it was a big hit. There's just something about being able to draw all over the road and not have to worry about a car running you over.

It was also nice to escape from the house. Here are the casualties from this week. How in the hell does a thermostat just "fall" off the wall?

To keep my sanity and know that I am not alone, we threw a bbq with other parents of BOYS where shit like this happens on a regular basis. Although slightly more regularly at our house from the sounds of it.

It was a chance to relax, socialize and celebrate the yummy goodness of bacon.

I'm not sure if we all developed the meat sweats after eating the bacon weaved ground turkey roast, but I'm pretty sure I was the only one that fell asleep on the couch in a meat coma after eating it. Sorry guys.


Anonymous said…
That dinner sounds yummy. Cute photos.