day 186 - happy birthday nan

Today is my grandmother's 93rd birthday. It's amazing to me that my kids have been able to meet several of their great grandparents, having never met any of my own.

Although small, my grandmother is mighty. She didn't go totally grey until a few years ago and if my family tree memory serves, she's the longest living relative in my family tree by a landslide.

I'm a pretty even mix of both of my parents as far as genes go, but I have a lot of my grandmother in me. I have to or else I would be totally grey by now

and I would also be taller.

Happy birthday, Nan!

(Photo by Owen and taken with my iPhone.)


Mari said…
Happy Birthday to your Grandma!
Melanie said…
Ahhh... you two are too sweet together! Happy Birthday Grandma! She is just the cutest thing!