day 188 - christmas in july

I'm so sorry for the missing Fabulous Friday summary and list of winners. I've had major computer problems this week and have spent the past two days fixing my laptop. I'm up and running, but there just aren't enough hours in the day lately so I am going to declare you all winners this week and return to normal next week. I hope that doesn't upset anybody and I hope you will all participate again!


I've come to the conclusion that I am loving this heat. I've spent much of the past two weekends outside in the sun and I've been driving in the car with the windows down and the sunroof open. I've been rocking out to music on my iPod and life is good.


This new iPhone thing has thrown me off. I haven't had time to sort my music into new playlists and am operating on one big playlist of my entire music collection. It's not a big problem until you pull up to a stoplight with your music blasting.

Tonight I pulled up beside a lady in a convertible playing some random rap music from the 90s. I believe it was Salt-n-Pepa. I laughed to myself and thought "I wouldn't be caught dead listening to that". Two seconds later, Ghetto Love ended and my iPod shuffled...right into Blue Christmas.
Touché karma. You're a worthy adversary.


Anonymous said…
Ha ha. Hilarious!
Good one. And also good picture.
Checco said…
Look at the bright side! You could always get caught playing your 2 favourite songs, Mr. Roboto or better yet, Monty python's SOMF!

Great photo!
Tiffany said…
Love it!

Brooke said…
FUNNY!!!! So glad your computer is cooperating for you. Computer issues are the worst...
anettesbokboble said…
Ha ha, that's so funny! Computer problems on the other hand is NOT fun at all!! We returned from our summer holidays to a total computer crash. I can't wait until it's fixed so I can start using my photo editing programmes again! :)