day 207 - the world is not your urinal

Two big things happened today:

1. Ava played with the rainbow rice and it's a huge hit. (The other two children who shall remain nameless were bad and not allowed to participate.)

2. Owen learned how to pee outside. As a result he has fallen in love with potty training.

After dinner, Ava was playing on the deck with the rainbow rice and having a great time. Owen came bolting down the stairs after his bath, whipped off his towel, ran outside onto the deck stark naked and peed all over the deck six inches from where Ava was playing.

The world is not your urinal, kid.


Marla said…
Boys are funny (and gross.)

That rice is so awesome looking!

Marla @
Anonymous said…
How fun with the rice. So funny about boys. Dustyn does that too. ha ha.
Vanesa said…
Very interesting post, funny boys.
robYn! said…
any tips you have on potty training twins send it my way!!! I will be down that road before I know it!