day 210 - a night at the drive in


Ava's best friend slept over tonight. I was going to take them to the drive in to see The Smurfs, but decided to setup a living room drive in instead. We taped paper plate wheels to laundry baskets and watched a random Barbie movie from the convenience store. I'm kicking myself now that I forgot the construction paper headlights on the "cars" but the kids didn't know the difference and enjoyed themselves.

Overheard at the sleepover:

Ava: "Did you know that Emily likes Justin Beaver? I just don't get it."


Trish ~ ♥ ~ said…
what a cute idea, I like the catch of Hubby raiding the kitchen cabinets ~ hope he was making the popcorn!
Gretchen said…
haha... LOVE this! Drive-in in the living room. Sounds like a perfect sleepover! =P
Misty said…
lol. What a cute idea!
Melanie said…
I think Ava needs to upgrade from the corolla to an escalade in order to fit her legs in the "car"!